Ever had a question about the LGBTQ+ community but were too embarrassed to ask?

Like what’s the deal with pronouns? And what do all the letters after LGBT mean?

Mr President has a solution: We’ll get Amazon’s Alexa to ask the questions for us.

Use the form below to anonymously submit your queries about the LGBTQ+ community, then join us at Cannes on Monday 18th June as Alexa puts your questions to our expert panel.

There’s no question too silly or strange as together we learn how to become better allies for the LGBTQ+ community.

Co-chaired by:
- Laura Jordan Bambach - Chief Creative Officer at Mr. President
- Amazon Echo Alexa (2nd Generation)  - Voice Assistant

And panelists: 
- Tea Uglow - Show Pony at Google Creative Lab
- Tom Trevelyan - Senior Account Director at Havas London

With further panelists to be announced. 

Monday 18th June


Terrace Stage,
The Palais, 
1 Boulevard de la Croisette,
06400 Cannes,

Event Time:
4:15 - 5:00pm